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I just lit a cigarette using a créme brûlée torch, because I am a ridiculous human being.

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Now that s4 is finished, I thought I should update my list of times Arthur used Martin’s name instead of calling him Skip or Skipper (and also correct the typo that I noticed after I posted it last time and that has annoyed me ever since). So here goes with the new and improved list.

Arthur uses Martin’s name in the following episodes:

Abu Dhabi:

  • I’m trying to train myself always to talk in 24 hour clock like Martin. But I keep forgetting.
  • She’s just brushing her teeth. She says to wait for her in the car. Um, where’s Martin?


  • Martin, you don’t understand though- / He understands perfectly, Arthur.
  • Yeah, it’s all fine. Martin’s showing Mr B to his limo…


  • And there’s another leak over here… / Right-o, Martin!


  • What’s his name, then, the stupid one? / Well, I can’t tell you until Martin’s handed his in.


  • Ok, this one doesn’t really count but I’m putting it in anyway: When Arthur is trying to think of a name beginning with M, his first guess is Martin.


  • My turn! My turn! This is for you, Martin. It’s one of just a couple of things you missed off the list, you see. A silly hat!


  • Yeah, Martin! We just need to watch the angle of bank, and the polar bears! We need to watch the polar bears!
  • Happy Birling Day, dear Martin and Douglas and Arthur!
Ottery St Mary:
  • Martin and Douglas are taking a piano to somewhere called – what was it? – Weasels King Henry? Hedgehog O’Brien!
  • Mum, this is Martin’s mum. Martin’s mum, this is my mum - that’s quite fun to say! And, uh, this is Martin, who you already know.


  • Look out the window. If there wasn’t time for me to finish my snowman, how come Martin and Douglas get to do that?
  • So, hang on, my-my first snowman saved but then ruined the day, but my second snowman, and Martin’s hat, and Douglas’s idea, and Mum’s… uh…
As before, feel free to add any I’ve missed…


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Arthur seemed very keen to emulate the sophistication of black and white times, so I thought I’d give him a little help. Heaven only knows he needs it…


Arthur seemed very keen to emulate the sophistication of black and white times, so I thought I’d give him a little help. Heaven only knows he needs it…

Weird Cabin Pressure fun fact

Matilda Ziegler, who plays Princess Theresa in the episode Vaduz, was on Cabin Pressure way back in “Boston.” She’s credited as playing the paramedic, and I’m pretty sure she also did the voice of Shanwick.

Funny old world.


Martin &amp; Theresa
From my Vaduz post :)


Martin & Theresa

From my Vaduz post :)

It is not and never was my intention that Yverdon should be the last ever episode of Cabin Pressure.
John Finnemore



Shaming people who take medication for mental illness kills.

I didn’t go on any medication for YEARS because my dad spouted off about “happy pills” and zombification and such.

I’m hardly the only person who’s been through similar.

Indeed, I only started medication after fighting my way through many, many screaming matches with my father and marching him to the doctor so the doctor could explain how the pills work.

I am lucky that I had the strength then to fight. Dealing with a mental illness and having to cope with unsupportive, shaming awfulness? That asks for energy that many people do not have, because being mentally ill is fucking exhausting.

If you want to attack big pharma, then fucking attack big pharma. Stop pointing your guns at us.

My parents were awful to me about the whole medication thing, constantly pressuring me to go off of them, telling me how much they were poisoning my body, and telling me that I didn’t need them. When I told my mother that the pills were the only things keeping me alive, she scoffed, told me to stop threatening her, and that she believed I was “stronger than that.”

I tried to kill myself four days later, and after that she finally started realizing that a) mental illnesses are real illnesses and b) you often need medication to treat them. It’s taken a long time, but I’ve finally been placed on the right balance of medications and I finally have my mother’s support in this (namely because she realized the correlation between my meds and my sudden decrease in suicidal ideation), but having to deal with my mom’s constant tirades against my meds when I was already struggling to find the right balance made everything so much harder than necessary.

I try not to think about it too much, but every so often it hits me that this whole mental illness lark isn’t something that’s going to go away. I’m going to wake up tomorrow and still be borderline, and the next day, and the next day, and every day after that, and I’m still going to be this way. It gets a bit discouraging.

I’ve been relapsing on old behaviors and having a lot of trouble forcing myself to be productive. This apathy is going to kill my GPA, but I can’t seem to get my shit together enough to get shit done.

I don’t know. Looking for other, healthier outlets.

Yesterday’s therapy session really didn’t make me feel better - I know that diving into insecurities is going to be painful and it’s not going to be pleasant, but I feel like my therapist doesn’t really understand who I am as a person and just made a bunch of assumptions about the kind of person I am, and I don’t like it.

I don’t know. For all that she was trying to validate me I just ended up feeling like the bad guy.

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